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Course in General Forensic Medicine


Please contact Janine.wise@fflm.ac.uk if you would like to be notified of the next GFM course date.

General information: 

The FFLM offers a one-week Introductory Training Course in General Forensic Medicine for health care professionals (HCPs): doctors, nurses, and paramedics.

Who should attend:

Newly appointed or prospective forensic physicians, nurses and paramedics.

The course covers the following 5 modules:

Module 1

Role of the Healthcare Professional (HCP) working in a multidisciplinary team; Police organisation and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act; Personal Safety; Consent, confidentiality and ethics; Safeguarding; Record keeping.

Module 2

Fitness to detain, transfer, interview, charge and release; Administration of medication; Assessment of mental health, role of approved mental health professional, appropriate adults, liaison and diversion.

Module 3

Traffic medicine – procedures under the Road Traffic Acts; Substance misuse and comorbidity; Intimate searches; Forensic science and sampling.

Module 4

Documentation, interpretation, and management of injuries; Types of restraint – handcuffs, irritant sprays, batons, TASER; the HCP at the scene of death; Death in custody and the role of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) and Coroner.

Module 5

Report writing; The Court system; Courtroom skills assessment.

Training is provided by experienced forensic physicians. Handouts and supporting materials will be provided along with a course reading list. 

The course is assessed in three areas:

  • Witness Statement & Medical Notes;
  • Court Room Presentation;
  • Multi Choice Questionnaire.

*Minimum numbers have not been met.