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British Academy of Forensic Sciences - Science and Justice: Miscarriages of Justice

The British Academy of Forensic Sciences (BAFS) will be holding a meeting on Miscarriages of Justice at Bush House, King's College London on Saturday 05 May 2018. The meeting will explore the important topic from a variety of angles. The programme for the day can be viewed here.

His Honour John Samuels QC was a circuit judge, and is now a Visiting Professor at Nottingham Law School with substantial experience of miscarriage cases. Louise Shorter is a journalist from Inside Justice, who has investigated many miscarriage cases. Dr Ann Priston OBE is a forensic scientists and former President o the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. As a trustee and board member of Inside Justice she has extensive experience of the forensic opportunities of miscarriage of justice cases. Gisli Gudjonsson is a Professor of Forensic Psychology, who is the leading international expert on false confessions. Professor Bernice Andrews is a Professor of Psychology who has worked for both Defence and Prosecution in child sexual abuse cases, and is interested in the issues of memory that arise. Michael Kopelman is a Professor of Neuropsychiatry who has been an expert witness in a number of Appeal Court cases involving psychiatric issues. Gareth Peirce is Senior Partner at Birnberg Pierce Solicitors, who is famous for her work on the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four cases, but she has been involved in very many miscarriage cases ever since.

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