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BASPCAN: Parents Who Kill - Understanding And Trying To Prevent Parents From Killing or Seriously Injuring Their Children

Invited speakers include: Professor Jack Levin, USA, will explore the context and issues which lead a parent to murder their children. Dr Kate Cavanagh, Stirling University, will focus firstly on a consideration of the different types of familial child homicide and the gender patterns evident across these different types. Barry Raynes, Reconstruct, will consider 2 recent high profile UK child death inquiries which he has undertaken in relation to parents who have killed their children. Jim Wild convenes the Unit on Critical Studies in Men and Masculinities at Nottingham Trent University. He will explore the possibility of preventative campaigns which safeguarding boards could adapt in order to ‘reach out’ to parents who are contemplating terrible crimes, he will also introduce the training pack based on the conference and additional contributors. This event will bring together practitioners, managers, supervisors and policy makers to explore the issue of parents who kill their children. Download application form If you require any further information, please contact the national office in York on 01904 613 605 or visit the website: www.baspcan.org.uk