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BASPCAN: Domestic Abuse - 120 Years On. Old Problem, New Perspectives

INVITED SPEAKERS Professor Ann Taket, London South Bank University Lorraine Radford, Head of Research, NSPCC Mandy Green, Head of Services, Nottinghamshire Women's Aid Elie Godsi, University of Nottingham Shahien Taj, The Henna Foundation, Cardiff Domestic abuse continues to provide the under-reported, under-prosecuted, under-recognised backdrop to the lives of countless women and children - and sometimes men. Ever since 1889 when the first serious attempt to legislate in this area gave women the right to testify in court against their husbands, we have been working to address these issues through research, evolving legislation and the shifting sands of popular opinion. So why is it still a problem? - and for many, why is it still THE problem.