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Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences Diploma in Forensic Human Identification

The course will take place between Monday 06 to Friday 10 March 2017 and will run both online and face-to-face in our campus in Charterhouse Square, London.

The course aims to deliver core knowledge in the field of Forensic Human Identification. Participants will gain understanding in the principles involved in the various specialist areas as well as an awareness of the broad scope of the field.

Topics covered within the course will include: Legal and human rights issues in identification, identification of the body at different stages of decay, victim Identification from crime scene investigation, forensic odontology, forensic osteology, investigation of clandestine graves, cranio-facial identification, DNA analysis including the human genome/molecular biology techniques and tool used in human identification, identification from prints, emergency planning and victim identification in mass disasters, psychological profiling and voice recognition.

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