FFLM AGM 2020 Arrangements

The Faculty AGM will take place as advertised at 15.30 on Friday 15 May 2020. As our annual Conference has been postponed due to Covid-19, the AGM will have to take place “virtually” and a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting will be distributed nearer the time.  Please consider downloading the free App onto your computer, tablet, phone etc – remember you will need to have a camera and microphone available.

Everyone is encouraged to read the published documents for the AGM which will all be available on the Faculty website in the near future.

The Senior Officers are very keen to ensure that everyone who wants to can attend the meeting and can comment on the documents. However, to do so in the “virtual” environment means that there needs to be a much more formal approach than normally applies at our AGMs. We would ask therefore that any questions are emailed BEFORE the meeting to  forensic.medicine@fflm.ac.uk so that they can either be answered in advance and/or the Chair can specifically call upon the individual to speak to the meeting. This does not preclude individual ad hoc comments at the meeting but simply allows for comments to be aired in an organised manner.

“Overtalking” is always a problem at virtual meetings and is not only difficult to manage but means that some comments may not be heard. We ask that you keep your microphone on MUTE and do not make non-crucial comments.

Agenda items will be agreed by the lack of dissent and so maintaining silence will be crucial.

These are unusual times and we have to manage now in different ways so please do read the documents and comment if necessary and please join us in the “cloud” on the 15 May – it is YOUR Faculty and we do need YOUR input and feedback.

R T Shepherd

01 May 2020