Sexual Assault: A Forensic Clinician’s Practice Guide

Dr Catherine White



“This book is written by an expert in the field, from an internationally recognised centre of excellence. It will prove invaluable for both experienced clinicians and those in training.”

This authoritative, comprehensive and practical resource is an essential step-by-step guide for Forensic Physicians working with victims of rape and sexual assault.

The Guide brings together aspects of all key services that victims should receive including medical examination procedures and court case preparation.

It contains easy to follow checklists, templates and key practice points that will ensure victims receive the highest standards in medical care.


  • Covers child and adult examinations
  • Includes practical information for each step of the forensic examination, from taking the initial request, through the actual process, to aftercare issues and appearing in court as a witness.
  • Provides salient features regarding injury identification and documentation.
  • Summarises the key medico-legal issues around the care of the sexual assault complainant.
  • Includes the latest information on aftercare issues such as emergency contraception, risk assessment for post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV and Hepatitis B, and suicide risk assessment.
  • Includes key guidlines from the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine.
  • Provides an overview of alcohol and drugs, including signs and symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal.
  • Highlights clear Key Practice Points for quick reference.
  • Provides practical material such as:
  • body charts and essential surface anatomy for the documentation of injuries
  • example examination proformas for adults and children
  • flowcharts for aftercare issues
  • world chart for HIV prevalence rates courtesy of WHO and UNAIDS
  • algorithms for resusitation courtesy of the Resusitation Council UK
  • growth charts
  • pregnancy wheel
  • example template for court statement.

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